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Recent research papers and other interesting documents.
The Windermere Cemetery
Windermere Cemetery Datasheet – Names
Windermere Cemetery Datasheet – Excel
The first link takes you to the full report.
The second link is a smaller file, of the spreadsheet only, in pdf format, sorted by last name.
The third link opens the actual Excel datasheet, provided for download and further research.
Researched and Compiled by Alex Weller, 2017
Columbia Valley Irrigated Fruitlands Ltd, Windermere Valley Pamphlet
Enticing settlers to consider Windermere Valley
Veterans of the First World War in the Windermere Valley
WW1 Centenary Project, Researched and compiled by Alex Weller, 2014
Ranches in the Windermere Valley
Compiled by Alex Weller, 2013
Mines in the Windermere Valley
Compiled by Alex Weller, 2013


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2017_05  Katharine Walker, highways, CD Ellis, Harry Sykes, McKay
2017_02  Howard, Ethel Cleland, Lincoln car, Dr. Williams, 1912 Ede
2016_11  Hope, Nellie Brewer, Chariot Race, Edgewater
2016_08 Walter, Melrose Hawke, Just-a-mere, Lake Maye, Forestry, Thompson, Merc
2016_05 Dorothy Cameron, Mt Sally Serena, 1912, Wilmer Bonspiel, Young, Cameron
2016_02 Lucy Lim Man You, Athalmer Meat, Chinese, McNeill, Wilson, Thorold, Smith
2015_11 Vreni Zehnder, Wells, horsethief, Billy McNeill, Ted Egge
2015_08 Margaret Foreman, Morigeau, mulligan, horse meat, Cleland, Bruce
2015_05 Norm Marples, Brewer, 1913, Charles Law, Earl Grey, lake groyne, Tegart
2015_02 Cyril S Ratcliffe, Galbraith, Athalmer Bridge, CP, Canal Flat, Race Course
2014_11 Tegart / Kohorst, Wills Wagon, Turnor, Invermere Community Hall
2014_08 William McKay, Memorial Fort, Nita Gordon, Munn Lake, Pope, Crook
2014_05 Troyer – Rose Cottage, Kenward, Bower Edgewater Dairy
2014_02 Jessie and Tom Lewis, Ling Cod, Mackill, Thornton
2014_11 Rennenkampff, 1932 Fall Fair, Richardson, Blakley, Tegart trapline
2013_08 Rad, steamboat stamp, Buster Tegart, Findlay Ck mines
2013_05 Howell, Thunderhill, Mackenzie flowers, Old Ed Johnston incident
2013_02 Vigne, Ron Ede, Charlie Mackey, Poett, Chinook Bob
2012_11 Louis Joseph, Rose Michel memories, 1943, 1932 Invermere, bear mauling
2012_08 Trachsel, 1922 week, Hamilton memories, Ward Ranch
2012_05 J L Mckay, McCroskie Meat, Joseph Young, Richardson memories
2012_02 Svendsen, St Andrew’s Society, Jim Tegart, Rosie Kinbasket
2011_08 Nixon, Ptarmigan Mine, doll house, Walker, climbing 1922, Craig
2011_05 Cobb, Assiniboine cabin, Richardson, Tegart, news 1944, Kimm
2011_02 Pietrosky, Blakley Hotel, Hamilton Diary 1915, Invermere 1924
2010_11 Alex Richie, fish science, mystery skeletons, Lagrandeurs, Wehrlis
2010_08 Samuel Brewer, Kinsmen Club, Shuswap cemetery, and burials
2010_05 Annie McKay, Pack Trips, Frederick Law, Indian News, Amy Peters
2010_02 Christ Church Anglican, Catherine Sam, Jim Johnston, Mitchell Ranch
2009_11 Ashworth, F. B. Young, Dapper Ede. Kootenay National Park
2009_08 Statham, Windermere Cemetery, Bob Pritchard, Lillian Graham
2009_05 Bartman, Sam Brewer, Cornwall, The Benches, Stores
2009_02 Dehart, Carl Bloom, 1945 News, Jim Pitts
2008_11 Hecher, Athalmer, 1929 Christmas Concert, Experimental Farm
2008_08 May Starke, Wilmer Waterworks, RHS Lodge, John McLeod
2008_05 Neil Gainey, Armstrong Ck, Irrigation, Windermere School
2008_02 Futa, Ray Crook, 1883 Mail, Nita Gordon
2007_11 Lake, Swansea Mnt, Morigeau, Invermere Hotel, Caledonian Society
2007_08 Carlson, Fred Weeden, Musical / Literary Assoc, minks, Bert Beamish
2007_05 Powle, 1926 Murder, Lalley, Bavin, Paddy Ryan
2007_02 Taynton, Mabel Barbour, Canal Flats Business 1889, mantle lamps
2006_11 Seymour, pictographs, McGuiness, Farmers Institute, Houlgrave
2006_08 Peters, Wilmer, Orchestra 1941, Merc, Edgel, Adami, Stoddart
2006_05 Ronacher, William McKay, Royal Antler, Little Antler, musicians
2006_02 Tegart, Bodecker, 1945 news, 1960 drama, Morigeau
2005_11 Thornton, 1943 news, Swiss families, Westlake Ranch, Geary
2005_08 Cooper, Elkhorm, Bramell, Windermere Stage, Indian News, Gaddes
2005_05 Harry Bone, 1881 fun, 1912 bonspiel, summer homes, 1902 mayor
2005_02 Kamikawaji, weather 1899, horse racing 1904, Holland
2004_11 Williamson, John Burman, CPR handcar, Harry Bone
2004_08 Kimpton, First court 1916, Mt Swansea. Lost Lemmon 1927, Warren
2004_05 Coy, Jokers 18902, Mt Swansea Lookout, Invermere Hardware
2004_02 Madeline Turnor, Fall Fair 1956, Cameron, Nixon
2003_11 Barbour, Christmas 1930, flood 1955, lonely grave, Mineral King Mine
2003_08 Frater, banking, skeletons 1911, West Firlands, Wilmer 1913
2003_05 Blakley, time capsule, Windermere Hostel, Danes, Joe Jimmy, Tin House
2003_02 Cartwright, baseball 1964, Pitts Store, drama, midwifery poem