Welcome to Windermere Valley Museum

Winter 2024 Hours

  • We are open just one day a week, Saturday, from 10 AM to 4 PM until summer hours take affect
  • You are welcome to tour the grounds and see the outside displays at any time
  • Admission by donation

Membership and Donations

We have a new tool that you can use to renew membership, join or make a donation to the Windermere District Historical Society.  Annual membership is $20.00.  Details on this new page Membership

Volunteer Opportunities at the Museum

The museum has many volunteer opportunities.  If you have recently retired, or have moved to the valley, or just have an interest in valley communities and history – please call or drop into the museum to learn more from our volunteer coordinator!  There are weekly jobs, winter jobs, summer jobs – join us for a few hours and do something new or something old!

Other Stuff

Visiting the Museum

  • On arrival, please go to the main museum building (The Station) to receive the site map.


  • The Windermere District Historical Society manages the archives. More information here.
  • Please do not touch the artifacts as it may damage fragile items.
  • The washroom is cleaned frequently. The main floor washroom is for visitors.

Health and Safety

  • Hand sanitizer is available

Admission by donation

About the Windermere Valley Museum

Visit soon to explore heritage buildings, view outside exhibits and enjoy grassy shaded grounds with beautiful views of Windermere Lake, the Columbia River and mountains beyond. It is fun and rewarding to volunteer at the museum. Think about it!!

In these pages, you will find information about our museum and the local area to help plan your visit. Enjoy photos of the heritage buildings and exhibits, and read about our programs, events, and special exhibits. Learn about our archives, about the services we provide, and how you can join us and participate.

The Windermere District Historical Society works through the year receiving new artifacts, improving the archives and photo collections, creating new exhibits, maintaining facilities, publishing newsletters, and more. Check back often to keep up with programs, news, and changes at the Windermere Valley Museum and Archives!